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San Domenico School News & Events

A Message from our Head of School

Dear San Domenico Community Members,

As human beings, we are social creatures. Indeed, our very survival depends on cooperation and collaboration among one another. It is why our guiding premise for this year is “Stronger Together.” During this pandemic, however, our drive toward socialization conflicts with the current health directives intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19: to maintain social distance and avoid group gatherings beyond one’s small, “co-bubble” of friends and/or family.
Cecily Stock

Parents, guardians, and students, I understand how much we all miss seeing one another and assure you that our entire SD team is doing everything possible to bring every student and teacher back to campus safely ASAP. But we cannot do it alone. This virus reminds us that our actions within our SD community impact the larger Bay Area community and that then ripples back to us here in Sleepy Hollow. As a September 29 Marin IJ article noted, “the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading in Marin has jumped this week to its highest point in more than two months, representing an early warning that the county’s coronavirus outlook could soon take a turn for the worse.”

All this is to once again reiterate how our successful reopening requires that each family abide by our Healthy Community Commitment, particularly now as we are getting ready to bring another 500 individuals back to campus over the next three weeks as students and teachers for grades 7-12 will be returning to campus! Our teachers are stepping up and stretching themselves to be there for you as needed during this incredibly challenging time. We need YOU and your students to also do your part so that we can minimize risk of contagion and keep our teachers and students safe. Teenagers, and parents and guardians of teens, we need your cooperation in particular. As reported in a recent The New York Times article, The Coronavirus Mostly Spares Younger Children. Teens Aren’t So Lucky, new studies suggest that younger children are about half as likely as older teenagers and adults to become infected.

In carrying out our mission, we often consider our four core values: we study issues and systems; we reflect upon what the learning means; we then consider how our actions serve our community and world. In responding to the needs of the times during this pandemic, these values continue to guide and inspire us. As you can see in the stories on our website, our Community is collaborating in inspiring ways, even from afar. We have big hopes for how we can serve one another and experience our School community. We even celebrate and perform together.

Thank you for all you are doing and all you will do to keep our community strong together!

Warm regards,

Cecily Stock '77, M.A., J.D.
Head of School