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San Domenico School News & Events

A Message from our Head of School

Dear SD Community Members,

As a community over the past several years we have been through some hard times and have experienced moments of crisis. However, for many of us, and certainly for me personally, this pandemic is proving to be one of the most difficult challenges we have faced as a School, as well as a global community. It is a time I know we will all eventually look back on with incredulity; at the surrealness of being a part of this historic event.

Over the last few weeks you've heard from me and my team regularly so when it came time to write this month's Head of School letter, I thought:

The most important thing to share is gratitude and #PantherPride.

We have such an amazing community of teachers, students, parents, alumni, Board Members, the Dominican Sisters, coaches, and staff. We know this has not been an easy adjustment for anyone, yet day after day, our teachers are showing up, committed to implementing a whole new way of teaching, often while also caring for their own children at home. Our students are also showing up with incredible growth mindsets, and showing resiliency and earnestness that will surely serve them well during this time and in their futures. Our Panther spirit is shining through and bringing light and joy during a time of much darkness.

Please join me now, in sharing your #PantherPride with one another and with prospective families by sending in photos and videos of what you are doing in your distance learning and what you are doing to keep yourself well.

Because of the shelter-in-place, many students considering San Domenico for next year have been unable to come tour campus or participate in Revisit Week. New families will not be able to participate in our traditional orientation and welcome events so I am asking for your help in sharing cheer and solidarity.

We would especially love to see videos and photos of you in your SD Spirit Wear, at home during the current shelter-in-place order, but showing your creativity and school spirit. You can then keep an eye out for your photos in our email communications, on our website, and on social media channels. Together we can bring cheer to one another and welcome new families to our community. All photos and videos can be sent to I thank you in advance for participating...and I can't wait to see all of your photos and videos!

Looking back on this past month, it has been quite a roller coaster. It was gratifying for me to reflect on some of the happy moments and accomplishments of our students, which I invite you to read below.

Stay healthy and send photos and videos!

Best regards,

Cecily Stock '77, M.A., J.D.
Head of School