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San Domenico School News & Events

A First Look at the Exceptional Class of 2024!


A First Look at Your Fellow San Domenico Panthers!

SD’s Admissions office is pleased to welcome the newest members of our Upper School community--the Class of 2024! For each of these students, the story behind their decision to attend San Domenico is as unique as the path they will take once their SD journey begins in the fall.

In preparation for August, we are excited to share with you some stories and facts, a look at the Class of 2024 by the numbers:

The Exceptional Class of 2024:

  • The Class of 2024 comes from 53 different middle schools, all around the world.
  • To date, this class consists of 95 freshmen!
  • 16 of our 95 freshmen are international students, coming from three different countries.
  • Several of our freshman are singers, in fact, one student is a part of the San Francisco Girls Chorus!
  • Collectively, you have spent about a thousand hours this past year giving back to your community, with organizations such as Jessica’s Haven, The SF-Marin Food Bank, and Homeward Bound.
  • 29 freshmen are basketball fanatics, with aspirations of playing in college, and are looking forward to contributing to SD’s basketball legacy.
  • Two freshman drummers are planning to spend plenty of time in the percussion room.
  • One student can make the world’s most fluffy omelet!
  • Dozens of our incoming students love to read in their free time!
  • Four students are passionate about sustainability.
  • 12 students are planning to play volleyball next year.
  • One student had the chance to call, "Play Ball!" at a Giants game!
  • Several students love to paint and draw in their free time.
  • Eight students in the Class of 2024 spend hundreds of hours weekly, playing the violin.
  • One student can do a standing backflip
  • A freshman play water polo.
  • Seven freshmen can’t wait to get on stage as part of our theater productions.
  • 10 students can’t wait to kick off the soccer season on our brand new practice field!
  • Three of our freshmen look forward to participating in student government.
  • Six students are fans of the Golden State Warriors!
  • At least one student loves Ramen!
  • A few students are ready to take their guitar talents to the band room. 
  • Six students  are accomplished ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip-hop dancers.
  • Nine of our freshmen are clamoring to get on the tennis courts with Coach Rob.
  • Four students are looking forward to mountain biking through SD’s labyrinth of trails on campus.
  • One freshman has a love of interior design.
  • A handful of students love to bake!
  • Seven students participated in Mathletes in middle school.
  • One student has a deep passion for animation.
  • Five students can’t wait to join the photography and film classes.
  • A few students can’t wait to tee it up with the golf team.
  • One incoming student has fallen in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Eight freshmen can’t wait to get into the cages and onto the Diamond with Coach Austin and the SD baseball team.
  • One student loves to eat lemons!
  • Five freshmen play the piano.
  • Seven freshman swimmers are ready to dive into the SD pool.     
  • Two students are accomplished equestrians.
  • One student loves the alto saxophone.
  • Seven students can’t wait to lace up their shoes as a part of the track team.
  • Five freshmen look forward to getting out on the trails with the cross country team.
  • One student can't wait to take the night ceramics class.
  • Nine students are looking forward to participating in speech and debate at SD.
  • A few students competed in the National Geographic GeoChallenge in Washington D.C.!
  • One incoming student loves to fence.
  • At least one student does not like bananas.
  • Several of our new students have participated in the qualifiers for the Junior Olympics!
  • Two students are dedicated to mixed martial arts.
  • A few students have pet chickens.
  • One freshman plays trombone.
  • One student’s favorite animal is the manatee!
  • A few students are excited to be a part of SD’s sailing team.
  • One student is ambidextrous - they can write with both hands!
  • Two cello players are excited to be a part of quartets with our other string musicians.

The Class of 2024 is also looking forward to the start of the school year filled with opportunities to meet new friends, experience high school classes, participate in a sports team, explore SD’s campus, join clubs, get to know people from different countries, and the list goes on! One of the common refrains we hear from Seniors is that they started out liking one subject, sport, or activity, and ended up feeling confident enough to try something totally different. For example, one of our outstanding Panther pitchers also founded the Chess Club. And, one of our pre-professional VP musicians discovered her love of archery! High School at SD is an exciting time to explore all that you are and all you will become!

In these extraordinary times, our admissions staff have been humbled and inspired by our largest applicant pool in the School’s history and for so many reasons, we are looking forward to welcoming you to campus soon!

The San Domenico Admissions Team