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San Domenico School News & Events

3D Lab Update



This summer was very busy for the team working on bringing San Domenico's 3D Lab to life! We are working with and architects and planners at Marin County on the plans for the lab space. Meanwhile, we've begun acquiring new tools to enhance our students' learning and creativity. We will be adding tools throughout the coming year(s) but we are excited to share we have already purchased some much needed power tools and design tools including:

  • Cordless drill kits
  • Cordless jigsaws
  • 3D printer
  • Two vinyl cutters
  • Heat press (used for applying vinyl designs to t-shirts, etc.)

Professional development is also a key aspect of the 3D Lab's success. Middle School science teacher Dave Whaley attended "Making for Educators," a three day course with a focus on making in the classroom, and helping teachers embrace making using the Agency by Design template (out of Harvard Graduate School of Education). Mr. Whaley also visited school maker spaces at Park Day School, and Lighthouse Charter School, both in Oakland.

Lower School science teacher Brian Kaplan took a two day Maker Certificate course called "Maker Education and NGSS: Implementing Maker in TK-8 Classrooms." This class was designed for K-8 teachers to learn how maker projects fulfill the latest NGSS standards. At Oak Grove Elementary school, Mr. Kaplan created and discussed many maker projects at their Maker studio. 

Upper School teachers Tammy Swanson (math and robotics) and Mike Berry (physics and engineering) also participated in the SSU program, in particular the "Making for Educators" track, filled with three days of inspirational ideas for projects to do with students. Ms. Swanson and Mr. Berry visited maker spaces at White Hill Middle School, and the Meadow School in Petaluma.

In addition the summer professional development work, Ms. Swanson, Mr. Kaplan, and Mr. Whaley will continue to a part of Marin County Office of Education's STEAM/MAKER Partnership. Over the last year they have networked with many local school maker teachers and visited several school maker spaces, including Ross School, White Hill School, Analy High School and Terra Linda High School. Mr. Whaley and Mr. Kaplan also participated in the annual MARINOVATORS STEM-STEAM-MAKER event at Marin County Office Of Education this past May.

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress as we bring the 3D Lab to life (visit for regular updates).

Thank you once again to all of the 2015 Fund A Need donors for your contributions and support!