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San Domenico School News & Events

3D Lab Construction Update


During Winter Break San Domenico crews and contractors were busy constructing our 3D Lab! Dedicated team members worked through the jackhammers and shaking as walls came down, new walls went up, windows were created, and a handicap accessible lift went in. The vision is growing closer to a reality, and the kids are eagerly awaiting more 3D Lab Makers curriculum.

A group of SD students, enjoying the fun of an empty campus, came by to watch as a 10' piece of concrete wall opened up for the sliding doors. "This is historic!" exclaimed Hayden L. "This is a good mind movie that will be in my head forever," said Micah S. And in true Dominican spirit, 2nd Grader Jonah S. reflected that, "The photos should go in that School Ties book that goes on our coffee tables."