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Family Association

It takes a village.

Family Association Members & Parent Volunteers

The San Domenico Family Association (SDFA) exists to enable connections across the entire SD community, so that all families can be more deeply involved in our students’ educational experience. Through this involvement, the FA enables families to serve the needs of the entire school community.

Our Mission: 

To cultivate relationships that foster community and a sense of belonging among SD families.

To deepen every family’s connection with the school.

To provide a channel for clear communication between the school and home.

To support fundraising opportunities that broaden every student’s educational program.

To create volunteer opportunities for families at school sponsored events.

Ultimately the goal of the SD Family Association is to nurture and deepen connections and relationships across this vibrant community of students, faculty, and families.

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Family Association - Crab Feed

Get Involved

Whether organizing the annual Upper School Crab Feed, hosting a Teacher Appreciation event, or driving students for an off-campus adventure, there are literally hundreds of ways for families to actively participate in the San Domenico Family Association. 

Current SD families can find out more by logging into their Veracross Family Portal.