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Zoe Ghazi

Employee Information

Lower School
Fifth Grade Teacher

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At SD Since

Zoe was born and raised in Tehran, Iran, until the age of 15, when she commenced her schooling abroad. Her studies have taken her from England to France, to Texas, to Ontario, Canada, and then to Marin County where she currently resides with her husband and daughter. Zoe holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Texas, Arlington, a BA in Education/Multiple Subject Teaching Credential K-6 from Broch University in Ontario, and a CA K-6 Multiple Subject Teaching credential. She is fluent in three languages, and has taught for 12 years in public and private schools in Ontario and Marin. Zoe joins the fifth grade teaching team as a full time teacher. Zoe’s teaching colleagues describe her as a master teacher who continually inspires students to do their best. She is well-versed in project based learning and teaching in multiple modalities to effectively instruct all learners. Well organized and thorough in her approach to teaching, she is excellent at assessing and addressing the needs of her students while creating a warm and receptive environment for her students. Zoe continues to self-initiate her own learning and her passion for learning inspires her students. When not in the classroom Zoe enjoys hiking, music, photography and is a big fan of soccer.