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Elena Blanter

Employee Information

Middle School
Math Teacher, 6th Grade Advisor

Contact Information

Room / Office

Education & Achievements

MS in Mathematics, St Petersburg University, Russia


At SD Since

Elena joins our math department from Castilleja School for Girls in Palo Alto, Math Taught The Right Way program for middle school students at UC Berkeley, and Berkeley and Stanford Math Circle Elementary programs, which she co-founded. She has been in love with and working in the field of mathematics for her entire professional life, including creating financial risk models and software, conducting statistical analyses of clinical trials, and teaching after school and summer math programs. Elena loves working with middle school students, tapping into their imagination and creativity, and engaging students who haven’t yet discovered their love of mathematics. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the inexhaustible natural beauty of the Bay Area with her family, listening to classical music, playing piano, and reading.

"I am excited to join the San Domenico community, and I am looking forward to work with the caring teachers and staff, to help students develop, grow, and find the beauty and magic of mathematics around them."