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Kristian Noden

Employee Information

Athletics, Lower School, Resident Faculty
Associate Director of Lower School, Resident Faculty, Assistant Coach Varsity Track and Field

Contact Information


Education & Achievements

Bachelor of Arts (Recreation Management), Victoria University
Master of Teaching (Primary), University of Melbourne
Master of Education, University of Melbourne


At SD Since

Kristian is from Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Recreation Management at Victoria University and went on to complete Master of Teaching and Master of Education degrees at the University of Melbourne. As an educator he strives to nurture and enhance the development of critical thinking, growth mindset and international mindedness in students. He has previously taught Sixth Grade and has spent the last three years teaching Third Grade. Always aiming to promote a love of books and a passion for reading, Kristian encourages students to openly discuss and share literature. He believes in inspiring and nurturing the development of students as global citizens who are empathetic, mindful and resilient. He is a collaborative practitioner who aims to establish a caring and open-minded learning environment. Kristian is a dedicated life-long learner who is always seeking professional development to enhance his teaching.

"My favorite part about being a member of the San Domenico Community is working in a collaborative, supportive, and caring team environment."