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Upper School Boarding Program

SD Day and Boarding - Grades 9 through 12

Coed & Boarding Upper School Program

At San Domenico, residential life means calling 515 beautiful acres home, surrounded by friends from all over the world, and looked after by specially trained Residential Faculty, a.k.a. Dorm Parents (known by a myriad of affectionate nicknames created by our students). Boarding creates closer bonds with friends, and more focused discipline for music, sports, student council, and theatre. SD provides a nurturing environment and safety guidelines that ensure our students are carefully supervised while also feeling a strong sense of community and comfort. Our favorite compliment is hearing that our dorms feel like a second home.

At San Domenico, residential life means calling 515 beautiful acres home.

Student-Faculty relationships are another special part of the boarding experience at SD. Here, your history teacher might drive you to a college interview, or your P.E. teacher's seven year-old daughter may come by to see you in your prom dress. Graduation is usually a bittersweet time for all San Domenico students, but for those in the boarding program it is especially poignant. Your years here will give you deep friendships, adventures with your peers, strong relationships with caring adults, and an education in the human spirit.

Flex Boarding

REGIONAL BOARDING: Inspired by a popular British tradition, SD also offers a part-time residential life program we call “Regional Boarding” wherein students spend Monday through Friday with us, their on-campus family, and then return home for weekends.

A NOTE ON BOARDING: According to recent research by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), residential/boarding programs for high school students result in graduates who feel better prepared and more confident as compared to their peers in other school settings. Boarding students more frequently say their high school experience has helped them develop in maturity, independence, and critical thinking skills.

Residential Life at SD

Lounges facilitate friendly gatherings with their overstuffed couches, rocking chairs, working fireplaces, satellite TV connections, and DVD players.

  • The spacious dorm kitchens have full size shared refrigerators, a microwave, toaster oven, water cooler, and instant hot water.
  • Friday night dinners out on the town, or spa nights at “home.”
  • Locally grown organic food prepared daily, or students have access to a fully outfitted kitchen any time they wish to concoct elaborate culinary delights.
  • Dorms are equipped with computer labs, wireless internet access, laser printers, fax.
  • Washer and dryer in each dorm.
  • Weekend trips to amazing destinations like kayaking in Sausalito, shopping in Silicon Valley, or visiting museums in San Francisco.

Residential Life at SD

What students love about boarding at SD

“I like the diversity of where students in this school come from, so that I can learn about different kinds of cultures and customs. And also the Oscar Night Party!” - Dorothy, Junior

“Community Nights! Like when we discussed the importance of forgiveness…and had a moment of silence around the fire pit as we watched our past resentments burn away.” - Cameron, Senior

Proud Member of The Association of Boarding School

Western Boarding Schools Association

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