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5th Grade Online Resources

US Constitution
The Constitution
The Constitution Explained

World Religions (Ms. Ghazi's Class)

BBC - World Religions 
World Religions for Kids 
Major World Religions 

Explorers Websites
Christopher Columbus:

John Cabot

Juan Ponce de León

Hernan Cortés

Jacques Cartier

Francisco Vasques de Coronado

Henry Hudson

Robert de la Salle

Harriet Tubman

 Fredrick Douglas

Thomas Garrett / William Still / Samuel Burris / Abraham & Marty Shadd / Henry Craig / Dr. Bartholomew Fussell / Phoebe Myers / Ann Matthews / Samuel Green

Frances Ellen Walkins Harper

 William Still

U.S. History (Ms. Noble's Class)
Slave Trade  - BBC
Slaves to America
Triangular Trade
U.S. Historical Documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights)
Declaration of Independence Video
Revolutionary War Timeline
Revolutionary War - PBS
The Oregon Trail
Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark - PBS
Transcontinental Railroad History
Transcontinental RR – Chinese Laborers
Causes of the Civil War 
Civil War Topics 
Harriet Tubman & The Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad Poem & Video
The Great Depression
The Great Depression
Great Depression Timeline    

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Digital History
Jackie Robinson Video
Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins Video
Rosa Parks Video 
Martin Luther King Jr. Video 
"I Have a Dream"Speech - Excerpt
Civil Rights Video 
Civil War Video 
Civil Rights Walk of Fame   
Civil Rights Image Database
Civil Rights Era 
Teacher's Resources - LOC  

Ruby Bridges Videos
Ruby Bridges  (2 min.)
Walk a Mile in These Shoes  (4 min.)
Ruby Bridges Interviewed by Student  (6 min.)
Ruby Bridges, President Obama and her Norman Rockwell Painting

 U.S. States -States and Capitals 
U.S. States



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