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Do you seek to deepen your application of iPads and integrated technology? Perhaps this is your first year teaching with iPads? Or is it time to take some great energy and broaden your school's commitment to integration of technology?

iTeach is the place for your educational technology professional development this summer!

San Domenico School, a leader in one-to-one integrated iPad learning, is hosting our fourth annual premier professional development event for teachers, education technologists, and school administrators. This program is designed by educators for educators at all levels: those taking first steps in implementing one-to-one iPad programs in their schools and for those schools working to take their programs to the next level!

iTeach is purposefully designed to offer meaningful professional adult learning that is crafted to grow good practice. iTeach features hands-on workshops, keynote presentations, and breakout sessions with leaders in education from San Domenico and other leading iPad schools. Deep learning comes best from modeling good practice and then having dedicated time to reflect and implement new practices. iTeach 2015 is designed for professional, adult learners and is informed by research and learning theory. Dedicated time and drop-in space is available throughout the conference for reflection, mentoring, and even general technical support from teachers and students.

iTeach 2015 Schedule at a Glance

Sunday, June 14 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM (Optional Add Ons)

iPad Basics: Introduction to iPad for Educators - Tutorials and introduction to iPad concepts for educators new to iPads.

Team Coaching - Team work to focus team goals for schools sending groups of 5 or more participants. Facilitated by an assigned iTeach faculty member.

Sunday, June 14 7:00 PM (Optional Add On)

Informal dinner gathering - This is an optional, no-host, dinner. Please join us off-campus for conversation, networking, and good food to kick off our conference.

Monday, June 15 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Full day sessions beginning with outstanding keynote. Continental breakfast and lunch provided.

Tuesday, June 16 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Full day sessions. Continental breakfast and lunch provided.

Did you know? Participants have access to our amazing hiking trail, swimming pool, tennis courts, weight room, gymnasium, and garden -- not to mention our fabulous dining!

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iTeach Travel and Accommodations Information

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, please carpool.

Directions and a campus map are available for download.

iTeach 2015 Speakers

Keynote Presentation: "One-to-One and Then What? Re-Thinking Ed-Tech Innovation"

Howard Levin is Director of Educational Innovation at Convent and Stuart Hall Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco. Previously he served as Director of Technology at The Urban School of San Francisco, Assistant Head of School at the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle, and Chair of Social Studies at the Overlake School in Redmond, WA. He has an eclectic background of skills and experiences gained from nearly 30 years teaching and leading within independent schools. Howard gained national recognition for his work promoting ubiquitous devices for students and teachers in 1:1 programs that naturally integrates technology into the normal learning process. Howard is an Apple Distinguished Educator, an early recipient of the NAIS Leading Edge award, former Board Member of ISTE and continuing member of the NAIS Technology Task Force. Howard is a frequent speaker at national conferences and has several published articles in professional journals.

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Our innovative faculty demonstrates the full potential technology integration. We piloted widespread use of iPads as digital tools to support student learning shortly after the release of the first iPad in 2010. Through comprehensive professional development, rigorous curriculum development, and lived classroom experience, San Domenico teachers are leaders in integrating technology in schools. With a one-to-one student iPad program in grades 3-12, iPad carts and learning stations in early grades, and laptops carts and desktops across campus, our faculty is uniquely qualified to speak to the opportunities and challenges of one-to-one technology in the hands of learners.

iTeach 2015 Tracks & Programs

With more than fifty individual sessions, iTeach features content that will appeal to teachers and other educators at any level! The program is organized into four tracks to help focus our program to distinct audiences:

Track 1 - Introducing and Cultivating One-to-One Teaching with iPads - Whether you are preparing to implement a one-to-one program in your classroom or school or wish to have new approaches to integrating iPads, our interactive workshops will prepare you for best practices in iPad integration from expert teachers and coaches. Workshops feature practical examples of great pedagogy with iPads that expands teaching and learning. Sessions will explore both specific tools (e.g., apps for particular needs) and strategies (e.g., digital workflow, classroom management).

Track 2 - Advancing and Evaluating One-to-One Teaching with iPads - This advanced track helps educators -- who have spent some time in a one-to-one environment already -- take their teaching and programs to the next level. Sessions combine in-depth discussions about school systems and vision with practical strategies to deepen iPad integration. Key leaders and innovative teachers will provide ideas, inspiration, and best practices. Questions of assessing and evaluating teaching and learning will be at the forefront of conversation. We believe that practical examples of great pedagogy with iPads can inspire and strengthen the work of teachers at any level.

Track 3 - Leadership in a One-to-One World - Today's leading schools and school systems require leaders who are equipped to respond to new technologies and their impact on schools. One-to-one iPad programs create both challenges and new opportunities for the curriculum leader, principal, head of school, superintendent, and other top level leadership. How do I keep my focus on the school's mission? How do I hire (or fire) a technology staff? How do I evaluate my technology program and personnel? How can I be authentic in my leadership style while facing topics in which I do not have particular expertise? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in sessions addressed to top-level school leadership and technology directors. Sessions in this track are crafted for those who are required to be aware of teaching techniques and best practices but who also have the opportunity to develop or articulate the value of one-to-one programs.

Track 4 - School Teams Lead to Great Outcomes! - School teams of 5 or more registered participants at iTeach benefit from our many workshop sessions but also benefit from pre-conference facilitated work in the weeks leading up to iTeach that help school teams focus their goals for the experience with a senior member of our iTeach faculty. School teams then have the opportunity to begin early on Sunday afternoon with facilitated planning for ways to approach the iTeach curriculum and schedule in a way that is effective for their specific teams and particular participants. The assigned "coach" from our iTeach faculty will check in with the team throughout its iTeach experience and ensure that the goals set by the team are being met in a supportive framework. Specific learning spaces and times are set aside that offer guided time and support for teams to reimagine and design strategies and systems for meaningful implementation. Experience shows that teams attending professional development opportunities really benefit from learning together and our approach to facilitated team work at iTeach is designed to maximize the benefits of social learning! Please contact us for more dialogue on crafting your team.

In addition to these tracks to help guide your experience, iTeach 2015 features an optional "Sunday iPad Basics" track for teachers that will benefit from a "first time" introduction to the iPad.


iTeach 2015 is designed by a faculty committee dedicated to strong teaching with integrated technology. Christopher K. Sokolov, Director of Technology & 21st Century Learning at San Francisco Day School, is serving as director of this fourth annual iTeach. Please contact him with any questions at or call the School at 415-258-1998. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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