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Veritas Dinner

In recognition of leadership support to San Domenico

The search for Veritas (truth) is the guiding principle of the Dominican Order and the motivating force in Dominican education. The Veritas Dinner honors the parents, alumni, and friends who sustain the search for truth at San Domenico School with their generous leadership support.

Every autumn, the Head of School, Administration, and Board of Directors host a special recognition dinner honoring those who have provided support to San Domenico School at leadership levels of $3,000 or more to any fund within the previous fiscal year.

This event also highlights the inspirational involvement of a community leader or leaders who exemplify the Dominican spirit of Veritas.

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2016 Veritas Honorees: The Dominican Sisters of San Rafael

2016 Veritas Honorees: The Dominican Sisters of San Rafael

The Dominican Sisters’ dedication to service has provided the foundation of excellence upon which San Domenico stands.

The Sisters wove the fabric from which San Domenico’s values of Study, Reflection, Community and Service evolved. As educators, they understood that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom and, through action and conversation, they taught that these values were paramount to student success. For decades, the Sisters gently and confidently guided our students in these ways, and they continue to guide our Board as active members.

The Sisters have experienced periods of great joy and struggle, but maintain their dedication to prayer and reflection, a strength that has enabled them to consider the shifting currents of local and world events and adapt appropriately. Their purchase of 550 acres of prime land in San Anselmo and the successful design and construction of our new campus, the recognition of the gifts that lay educators had to offer and the warm embrace of lay persons on the staff, as well as the recent welcome of young men to our Upper School are just a few examples of their ingenuity and flexibility as they carry forth the mission of St. Dominic to strengthen a multifaceted San Domenico School.

Their shared vision, dauntless effort, and egalitarian practice have led them to establish hospitals, work with inter-faith communities and shelters, and serve the homeless and people in prisons around the world.

The Sisters are an ever-present constant in our community, spreading Dominican education and service in California and beyond for 167 years. Their grace and curiosity are contagious, so others happily join them on the journey of lifelong learning. We are grateful for their vision, their spirit, their fearlessness, their action, and their never-ending quest for Veritas.

Past Honorees

2015 Janet & Clint Reilly
2014 Kathleen & Dan Toney
2013 Sara & Rob Lundgren
2012 Ruth Collins '81 & Theresa Collins Raabe '81
2011 Eric & Maria Clothier
2010 Robert & Dianne Dornbush
2009 Phil & Shelagh Smith
2008 Kevin & Michelle Douglas
2007 Ellie & Mike Bauman
2006 Jane & Nigel Heath
2005 Kathy & Bob Glass
2004 Sister Raya Hanlon, O.P.
2003 Janet Mourning
2002 Thomas Klein and Kate Kelly ‘75
2001 Ralph and Liz Peer
2000 Carole Chase
1999 Genelle Dollarhide Relfe ‘49
1998 Michael and Joan Heffernan
1997 Bettye Poetz Ferguson
1996 Faith France
1995 150th Anniversary: All Veritas Circle and above donors
1994 The San Domenico School Foundation Board of Trustees
1993 Mark and Karen Cleary
1992 Carol Franc Buck
1991 Sister M. Maurice Powers, O.P.
1989 Edgar J. Garbarini
1988 George Pasha
1987 Stuart Menist
1986 A. Barlow Ferguson

2015 Veritas Remarks

Remarks from Cecily Stock & Sr. M. Gervaise Valpey O.P.

It is our joy to honor you this evening, Janet and Clint. And, by extension, we recognize very especially your daughters Ava and Jill.

For 11 years Janet and Clint have been intimately involved with San Domenico – first, within the parent community from the time Ava entered Pre K until she graduated from 8th grade, just this past June. While Jill was attending Convent of the Sacred Heart, Janet and Clint crossed the Bridge from San Francisco to Marin countless times to be present for Ava’s Candle Lighting Ceremonies, Christmas Programs, musicals, sports and social events. And, when Ava was old enough to take the school bus Clint was a favorite with other parents at the Strawberry bus stop early each morning!

Today Ava and Jill attend Lick Wilmerding together.

In spite of their demanding careers and schedules, Clint and Janet are never too busy for their families, and especially for their daughters. They value education and a strong work ethic and are intimately involved with their daughters’ educations and their many interests and activities. They model a love of learning, intellectual growth and a commitment to service.

Remarks from Clint Reilly

Janet talked about AVA ‘s daily commute on the school bus... 10 long years. Now she’s graduated and in High School with her sister at Lick Wilmerding in the City. She car pools. It’s great. But Thursday morning I was interrupted by an urgent text message… Let me read it for you… Larkspur bus 10 to 15 minutes late... driver switching buses right now. Please arrive on time as driver may make up time.

As a young grammar school student at St. Leander’s School in San Leandro, I was taught by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael. I had no idea then that decades later our daughter Ava would attend another school in the Bay Area that was touched even more profoundly by that same order of nuns – of course I refer to San Domenico and the Dominican Sisters. Even though we have a lay faculty today, the culture established by the Dominican Order and Sister Gervaise Valpey still infuses every aspect of life on campus.

Thank you for honoring our family with this VERITAS Award. Our daughter Ava really earned the award by inspiring Janet and I to love the school as much as she did. Ava enjoyed it so much that we were along for ride sharing her 10 year journey through this wonderful place.

Remarks from Janet Reilly

Well, first of all, I want to say thank you so much… This is truly a wonderful honor and acknowledgement and I know I speak for Clint as well when I say we are humbled and fully aware that any one of you sitting here tonight could be standing in our place.

Sr. Gervaise, what an absolute privilege it is just to know you and learn from you and try to glean anything and everything I can from your vast wisdom and just your tremendous goodness.

Cecily, what a treat to be able to work with you over these last few years – especially on the co-ed project where we created a special bond being in the trenches together. You inspire me with your ability to jump in to all things, feet first with your never-retreat attitude – even in the face of daunting challenges and expectations.

And, to the Board and our fearless leader, Skip Spaulding, what a committed and dedicated group always looking to the future, but ever mindful of the fundamental values of the school and the Domenican pillars of study, reflection, service and community that San Domenico was founded upon.

Many of you know that we live in San Francisco and often we are asked how Ava ended up way out here in San Anselmo, at San Domenico – an obvious question. And, the answer is, ten years ago when Ava was in pre-school in the City, we weren’t happy with her school and some friends suggested we try San Domenico, which had a wonderful pre-K program. So, Clint drove over to the school, walked around the campus on his own, was intercepted by Gervaise and next thing you know, we were part of the San Domenico community – expecting to stay just one year until Ava was in Kindergarten.

But one year, led to two years led to five years, led to ten years and last year, Ava graduated from the 8th grade. And, what a journey it was. Seated at our table this evening are a few of the people who played an instrumental role in Ava’s education and time here at San Domencio. I’ll talk about them in a moment.

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