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Common Sense Media Tip of the Week

Common Sense Media

Kids become lifelong readers for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes there's one key book that captures a kid's imagination and opens him or her up to the exciting world of fiction. Other times, a teacher who assigns great books in class sparks a hunger for more big ideas and fine writing. Before kids can read themselves, it's great for parents to read aloud to them regularly to make books a part of the routine, and older kids will continue to love it even after they can read independently.

With little kids, make reading a cozy, fun end to the day with stellar picture books and 50 awesome books for kids under 12. Talk about what you're reading, and get your kid a library card to empower your young reader. Older kids and teens often love graphic novels, books made into movies, and books that reflect their lives. If you model reading and hook your kid up with the right books, you'll set the stage for a literary life.

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