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San Domenico School

Digital Media

Within our Digital Media Program we study the intersection of technology and the arts, through the language of multimedia, hands-on use of 21st century technology in creative projects, and the role of arts in the digital age.

Freshman Film/Video Production (Film/Video Production 1)

5 credits / semester
Freshman only

This class is one component of the visual and performing arts program in the freshman year. In this class, students focus on the art of storytelling through film. As such, students learn how to develop a story idea, script, characters, storyboard, and production schedule for the completion of a short film. In addition to the technical aspects of creating a film and/or video project, students will study various film styles.

Film/Video Production 2

10 credits / year
Grades 10-12

This elective course is designed as an advanced and in-depth look into the artistic and different creative styles of the film/video making process. The goal of this course is for the student to professionally tell a story through visual composition, using advanced camera and editing techniques." A final project will involve the entire class producing one 15-20 minute film.

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