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San Domenico School

Distinguished Alumna Award

The Distinguished Alumna Award is presented annually by San Domenico School to graduates whose lives embody the spirit of Veritas and who, by their dedication to lifelong growth and learning, exemplify the Dominican values of study, reflection, community and service. If you know a Dominican Convent/San Domenico alumna whose life and work you would like to see recognized with this special award, please use the Distinguished Alumna Nomination Form.

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2016 Distinguished Alumna Recipients - Terry Jackson '71 & Mary O'Mara '71

Terry Jackson '71

Over two decades, Terry enjoyed a career in public service in New York City. Working within the Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg administrations, Terry redeveloped budgeting systems, successfully solicited sponsorship for major events, managed the daily operation of the Gracie Mansion (residence of the mayor of New York), and managed major citywide events for the office of the Mayor and the city of New York. Throughout her career she was an integral collaborator with the NY Parks Commissioner, the Chief of Urban Park Services and the NY Police, Fire and Transportation Departments. Terry was media spokesperson and consultant to city commissioners and department chiefs on mayoral projects, frequently working with the mayors themselves, their first ladies and the First Deputy Mayor.

In 2006, Terry accepted the esteemed position of Managing Director of Mayor Bloomberg’s Office Division for International Business, part of the NYC Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps and Protocol, and NYC Global Partners. Terry worked directly with consuls general, foreign trade commissioners and bi-lateral chambers of commerce to assist clients from all over the world through the process of opening a business in New York. In this role, she was guest speaker of the Office of the Mayor to trade delegations for China, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Tanzania, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

Since retiring from her exciting public service career, Terry has served as Vice President on two boards and studied Spanish and U.S. Commercial Service and Foreign Studies in New York, Spain, France, and Mexico, and received her yoga certification. She currently teaches yoga and works to engage inner city youth in the practice of yoga.

Terry was educated at the University of Oregon, where she earned a BA in English.

Mary O'Mara '71

Mary is the co-founder and Executive Director of MarinLink, an incubator and fiscal sponsor to individuals and groups whose inspirations for projects range from homeless services, community gardens, health, transportation initiatives, environmental education, veterans’ programs, arts organizations, and more. In twelve years she has grown MarinLink from a brainstorm to an impactful nonprofit and fiscal sponsor umbrella for more than 100 projects in Marin County and beyond that generate over $1 million annually. She brings over 30 years of teaching experience and business acumen to create infrastructure and support for MarinLink community-based projects, programs and initiatives. These projects range from community gardens to surf camps for autistic children to Warm Wishes’ 5,000 backpacks for the homeless every holiday season.

Since 2005 Mary has been a Core Adjunct Professor with National University. She serves on several boards, including the Marin Economic Forum, Villa Real Property Owners’ Association, MarinArts.Org, the nominating committee for the Marin Art and Garden Center Board of Directors, and is a member of the Marin Forum.

Mary is a Marin native and graduate of San Francisco State University. She holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University of California and has become a sought-after resource for people who want a way to change their world.

Past Recipients

2015 Hoonae Kim '75
2014 Sally Christine Rodgers '74
2013 Catherine Davis Marsten '63 & Carol Kathleen Prince '63
2012 Catharine Atterbury Newbury '62
2011 Nancy Donnell Lilly '66
2010 Kate Supple Klein '75
2009 Caroline Childs Bonham ’89
2008 Sister Susannah Malarkey, O.P. ’48, Toni Fahy Gaylord ’58 & Wanden Treanor ’73
2007 Louise Carbone Colombatto ’47 & Anne Adams Helms ’52
2006 Stella Shao ’56
2005 Connie King Turkington ’55 & Sister Patty Boss, OP, Honorary
2004 Peggy O'Neill Mauz ’54
2003 Lillian Machado Dickson ’50 & Shirley Allen Grant ’68
2002 Gabrielle D. Keil ’57 & Sister Barbara Green, O.P., Honorary
2001 Claudia Robinson Sladen ’66
1999 Matilda Muller Thompson ’64
1998 Julia Howard Macy ’53 & Rev. Jan Hickman West ’53
1997 Phyllis Grissim Theroux ’57
1996 Margaret Huneke Blaine ’51
1995 Sali Dalton Snell ’50
1994 Debbie Supple Miller ’69
1993 Katherine Allen Harper ’58
1992 Margaret Black Kruse ’42
1991 Bobbie Bedford Frohman ’51
1990 Elizabeth Clark Leone ’70
1989 Sister M. Aquinas Nimitz, O.P. ’49
1988 Anne Baumgartner Morris ’53
1987 Sandy Willard Denn ’57
1986 Prudence Bowman Kestner ’46
1985 Bettye Poetz Ferguson ’35 & Caroline Jean Ford ’70
1984 Betty Lou Dalton Byrne-Shirley ’44
1983 Rosaleen Doyle O’Neill ’48
1982 Sister Elisabeth Mary Strub, S.H.C.J. ’47
1981 Elissa Eberhart Fruciano ’56
1980 Suzanne Matsinger White ’60
1979 Genelle Dollarhide Relfe ’49
1978 Catherine Jordan Knopf ’31
1977 Sister M. Nicholas Maltman, O.P. ’32
1975 Mary Elizabeth Grimm ’35 & Sandra Hannum Carlton ’60
1974 Julie Davis Butler ’59
1973 Capt. Robin L. Quigley, USN Ret. ’47 & Sister M. Maurice Powers, O.P., Honorary
1972 Alice Irvine Godfrey ’46
1971 Sue McCone MacMillan ’51
1970 Phyllis DeYoung Tucker ’11
1969 Lou Ann Compton Deterding ’49
1968 Rita Keane Procter ’10
1967 Dorothy Hyde Clifford ’48
1966 Hazel Jerichau Smith ’26
1965 Sister Mary Thomas Vaughn ’05 & Jean Bolton Donnell ’36
1964 Jean Ingalls Mallatratt ’35
1963 Mother Mary Raymond, O.P. ’01 & Carol Monpere Becker ’50

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