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San Domenico School

Upper School Learning Resources and Academic Support

Personal Counseling & Tutoring

The counseling department supports students in a variety of ways, but most prominently with their personal concerns. Director of Counseling Kathy Laughlin is a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist. She meets regularly with faculty, dorm parents, administrators, and other school personnel to ensure a healthy, stable, supportive environment for students.

Tutorial services that support student academic needs are performed by individuals recommended by the counseling office in consultation with the Academic Dean. Fees vary, and are paid directly to the tutor by parents of the student, and may be scheduled during free periods, after school, study halls, and on weekends. Students interested in working with a tutor should fill out a “tutor request” form, which is available from the counseling office.

Mini Courses

An exciting component to San Domenico School’s curriculum, these semester-long once a week electives are an opportunity for students to broaden their experience without the pressure and expectations of a traditional course. Mini courses have included: forensic science, human rights & politics, spiritual retreats, gardening, robotics, and more!

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program offers each student the opportunity to connect in a more personal way with a faculty member and other students in a group setting. This ensures that every student develops a strong trusting relationship with an adult with whom she can speak for guidance and support. Mentor groups provide a safe and comfortable place for students to talk about issues and receive support from their peers. Mentors help each student plan a course of study to meet academic requirements but also to take into account her particular capabilities, aspirations, and needs, so that she will develop her musical, artistic, and athletic skills, as well as her intellect, as reflected in our mission statement. Mentors are faculty who receive special training in issues of confidentiality, group dynamics, and listening skills to prepare them for this responsibility.

All new students are assigned a mentor at the beginning of the academic year and will stay with that group until graduation, unless the student has a valid reason for wishing to change mentor. Meetings are held once a week as part of the regular daily schedule—allowing time for discussion among members of the mentor group. Topics range from general academic issues to broader issues affecting the members of the San Domenico community, and personal issues affecting individual members of the mentor group. Periodically, or when the need arises, the mentor meets individually with each of her or his mentees. School counselor Kathy Laughlin directs the mentoring program and the adult training.

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