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San Domenico School

Technology News


These days, some of the smartest characters from kids' movies, TV shows, and books are female. And with research -- published in 2017! -- indicating that girls start underestimating their own intelligence by the age of 6, it's clear that brainy media role models matter. Read on to find some great resources.

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Today, digital tools can cut just about every communication corner with the send of an emoji, bot, or gif, but these easy to use tools can also trigger anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. Click to learn about popular apps, sites, and services that offer guidance and help when, where, and how kids need it.

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This just in! Breaking news! You don't want to miss THIS!

If you get your news online or from social media, this type of headline sounds very familiar. What's real? What's fake? What's satire?

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WORLDS FAIR NANO is a two-day event, January 28 and 29, at Pier 70 and will feature mind-blowing technology, futurist talks, interactive art, spontaneous performances, music, food, and more.

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