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San Domenico School

Upper School Service Learning

In the ROSE program, each student chooses a cause and initiates an independent action plan. The projects span from local initiatives within our school community and county to global initiatives around the world. San Domenico students like to get involved in a cause: promoting sustainability, spreading awareness about human rights violations, or making phone calls for the upcoming election. By the time they graduate, students have thought a lot about how to change the world—and are ready to do it.

The San Domenico Summer Program in Bosnia-Herzegovina From the Bay to the Balkans is part of an ongoing relationship forged between our school and the Balkan region. The program combines several facets of international education, including cultural immersion and interaction, academic study, service learning, and personal reflection.

Students have had the opportunity to meet McArthur Fellow and foreign affairs expert Mark Danner, Pulitzer-Prize winning genocide scholar Samantha Power, Sarajevo-based human rights activists/journalists from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, representatives from various humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, the International Commission on Missing Persons, International Organization on Migration, Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia Carla del Ponte, judges from the State Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and even Bosnian pop star Dino Merlin.

Interested in learning more?


Student Service Learning Experiences

At San Domenico the values of service and social justice are central to our Dominican mission. Read more about Student Service Learning Experiences.

ROSE Program

At San Domenico the values of service and social justice are central to our Dominican mission. All students take the social justice course in their junior year as a religious studies requirement which helps students develop a systemic approach to understanding the social and environmental challenges of our day. Read more about the ROSE Program.

From the Bay to Balkans

In 2014, for the sixth time, a group of San Domenico students and teachers traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina for two weeks of travel, service, and learning about international affairs and human rights. Read more about From the Bay to Balkans.

Aeqvitas Newsletter

The Voice of the San Domenico Social Justice Club, named Aeqvitas in honor of the Roman goddess of justice and fair dealings.

Social Justice

The San Domenico Social Justice Club is committed to creating awareness among ourselves and our community concerning social injustices, both locally and globally.

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