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San Domenico School

World History

Medieval Life / Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

Medieval Life / History These first 3 websites have many links
The Middle Ages/UK on many different topics!

Daily Life in Medieval English Towns
Food & Feasting in the Middle Ages
Medieval Monasteries
The Black Death
Plague Doctor
Medieval Castles & Terminology
Medieval Weapons & Armor
Trebuchet Article
Trebuchet Video
Women’s Education in Medieval Times
Medieval Weddings
The Hundred Years War


Elizabethan Society These first 4 websites have many
Renaissance Links links on many different subjects!
Renaissance Links

The Medici Family
Renaissance Medicine

Renaissance Dress

Renaissance Games
Sports & Games in Elizabethean England
Renaissance Weapons
Crime & Punishment
Elizabethean Crime & Punishment
Witches & Witchcraft
Witchcraft in the Renaissance
Jewish Persecution in History
Jewish Persecution in Medieval & Renaissance Europe
The Silk Road - History
Renaissance Biographies
Gutenberg & the Printing Press
Explorers - A-Z
Famous Explorers
Renaissance Literature & Writers - Search results

Italian Renaissance Art
Italian Renaissance Theater
Gypsy History
Museo Galileo
Renaissance Biographies
Renaissance Science
Renaissance Music
Renaissance England Biographies
Elizabethan England
Renaissance Timeline

World War I

British Museum
History Channel
WWI Photos - 100 Years Later

Spanish Civil War

British Participants of the Spanish Civil War - Interviews
American Memory Project – Spanish Civil War
International Brigade Interviews
George Orwell Essay
Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Spanish Civil War
Spanish Civil War Poetry
Anarchism & The Spanish Civil War
Albert Weisbold Essays on the Spanish Civil War

Photo of Anne Frank sitting at a writing desk

The Holocaust

Anne Frank Museum
Holocaust Survivors
Shoah - Online Testimonies
Nazi Concentration Camps
The Jewish Virtual Library
Holocaust Resources

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