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San Domenico School

Middle & Upper School Web Pages

Middle School Web Pages

Homelessness & Women's Education Research Project - Ms. Breton
William Golding Trial - Witness Testimony - Mr. Barrett
Ancient Egypt - Ms. Osborn
Ancient Greece - Ms. Osborn
Jim Crow America - Ms. Kindig
Utopian Societies - Ms. Kindig
Calif. Water Resources - Ms. Baird
Carbon Unit - Mr. Lopez
Environmental Disaster - Mr. Whaley
Religious Holidays - Mr. Khan
Saints & Masters Project - Khan
"The Cay" Resources - Ms. Caldwell
Animal Farm - Mr. Barrett
Nepal & the 2015 Earthquake - Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan's Classroom - Website

Upper School Web Pages

Brave New World - Ms. Gallagher
Teacher Diversity - Mr. Morris
Ancient Greece / Forms of Government - Ms. Salter

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