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San Domenico School

San Domenico School News & Events

Middle School Wins at Margie Burke Speech Tournament

On Saturday, April 29, sixth and seventh grade students participated in the Margie Burke Speech Tournament at Ross School. It is a county-wide speech competition where students compete in four oral presentation categories: Dramatic Interpretation, Impromptu, Original Prose and Poetry, and Persuasive. Students memorize their pieces and perform them in front of a panel of judges. The judges this year included the Mayor of San Anselmo, Marin County Department of Education Superintendent Mary Jane Burke, former speech champions from local high schools (including San Domenico!), Google software engineers, local teachers, and many more! Twelve Marin County middle schools participated with about 180 students competing.

The San Domenico students were tremendous, each one performed beautifully and had a blast at the event. San Domenico entered 10 competitors who together brought home 8 medals and a Grand Champion Trophy.

- Julianne Bretan


Gina Pop, Manisha Murthy, Katharine Vari, Nick Skinner, Grace Schlessinger, Nadia Forland, Miranda Leane, Jamie Kurtzig, Brooke O'Connell, Abby Keenly


Dramatic Interpretation: Gina Pop - Bronze, Brooke O'Connell - Silver, Jamie Kurtzig - Gold, Nadia Forland - Gold

Impromptu: Nadia Forland - Gold

Original Prose and Poetry: Katharine Vari - Bronze, Jamie Kurtzig - Bronze

Persuasive: Jamie Kurtzig - Silver

Grand Champion:

7th Grade, 3rd Place: Jamie Kurtzig

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