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San Domenico School


Julianne Bretan

Employee Information

Middle School
English Teacher

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Other Information

Employed Since

Julianne Bretan joins the middle school team as the 6th grade English teacher. Julianne has a Bachelor of Arts in Classical History and Literature, and a Master of Arts in Developmental Teacher Education, both earned from UC Berkeley. Julianne began teaching at Archway School in 2007 as a 5th-8th grade drama teacher and a 6th grade history teacher and advisor. She has also taught at Hamilton School in Novato and most recently at Nicasio School. Julianne is an accomplished and award-winning actress and has studied voice for 18 years, dance for eight years, and acting for five. Julianne finds teaching 6th graders is especially rewarding and fun, and she looks forward to meeting her students.

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