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San Domenico School


Andrea Banks

Faculty Information

Assistant Director of High School Admissions

Contact Information

School Phone
Library Office

Education & Achievements

BA in Sociology

Other Information

Employed Since

Andrea Banks hails from sunny Southern California and received her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Southern California. Prior to joining San Domenico she worked in admissions at Redwood Day School, an independent K-8 school in Oakland, CA, from 2012-2015. Before Redwood Day School she worked in admissions at Branson from 2006-2010. She is excited to be a part of the San Domenico admissions team as she was familiar with the wonderful students from her time at Branson. Andrea lives in the East Bay with Isaac, her husband, Isaiah, her young son, and Monty and Milo, her dog and cat. In addition to being a wife and working mommy, she spends her time teaching a dance class in Oakland, CA, and rooting for her favorite basketball team - the LA Lakers.

“My favorite part of being a member of the San Domenico community Is seeing how close all of the students are.”

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